The nomadic collective ELDERS commissioned 51N4E and League Studio to design a temporary bar and exhibition space in Kortrijk for the end of 2022. The chosen location was a combination of abandoned commercial spaces and courtyards that were in the process of being extensively redeveloped. Given the tight timeframe and the short lifespan of the project, the project was shaped by a series of openings that facilitated permeability and made it possible to connect the constellation of sites, thus defining a pathway for the exhibition. The holes, thresholds and connections created in this way also became a way of revealing the oddities of the buildings, the layers of use and history, and so forth.

Several devices were then designed and produced as assemblages of aluminium profiles or cut-outs to mediate the use of the space as a bar: a suspended table, a chandelier for hanging glasses and a wall shelf for placing a glass while walking through the exhibition.

  • Location

    Kortrijk, Belgium

  • Client

    ELDERS Collective

  • Programme

    Temporary Bar and Exhibition Space

  • Completion


  • In Collaboration with

    League Studio

  • 51N4E project team

    Alessandro Cugola, Dieter Leyssen

  • Production

    Allaert Aluminium

  • Sponsor

    Allaert Aluminium

  • Photography

    Sepideh Farvardin