Lyon Part Dieu

The bioclimatic approach to this office building turned out to be the key to a more generic approach to creating sustainable space. The underlying principle is a simple juxtaposition of a vertical spatial concept comprising three consecutive zones: an uninsulated, unconditioned outer corridor; an insulated and conditioned functional space; and a central, generous, insulated, but unconditioned court.

The central, double-height space provides intrinsic generosity; the workplace is suddenly a site of luxury, and this space multiplies the functional potentials of the traditional office. The high, central space ensures the optimal incidence of light onto every workplace. This open space (30 per cent of the total office area) is neither heated nor cooled. Conditioned offices become the insulation of the space, which is only equipped with natural ventilation. This leads to considerable savings on consumption costs.

The conditioned office space is set on two floors and corresponds to a more traditional work environment. With a depth of 7.5 m and ceiling heights of 3.0 m, this space guarantees a hybrid configuration, easily adaptable to any use.
The corridor works as a doubly ventilated, high-performance skin, but is accessible and serves as circulation and informal meeting area around the functional core. Human presence within this space and the high single glazing will create greater transparency of the building, generating an urban attraction in both directions.

A general concept, which can be exemplary for future building principles: generic, adaptable, flexible, spacious.

  • Location

    Lyon, France

  • Client

    Icade Promotion, Cirmad Grand Sud

  • In collaboration with

    Patriarche & co, Van Santen & Associés

  • 51N4E team

    Johan Anrys, Freek Persyn, Peter Swinnen, Jan Opdekamp, Emelie Demasure, Ryosuke Yago, Emmanuel Debroise, Ivonne Weichold

  • 51N4E involvement

    competition design

  • Consultants

    Van Santen Associates

  • Programme

    offices, restaurant, retail, fitness, kindergarten, parking

  • Site surface

    2.804 m²

  • Built surface

    31.486 m²

  • Construction costs

    30.000.000 €

  • Image credits

    51N4E/ Patriarche/ VS-A