Acte focuses on creating the conditions for durable social and spatial transformation. Breaking the status quo requires the shifting of roles, gathering know-how and building trust. We bring together diverse groups of actors and enable complex transformation of cities and neighbourhoods. Design is used as a tool to imagine the future in a collective way, regardless of expertise or discipline.

Cast focuses on the realization of adaptable structures and environments. We imagine spatial forms together with technical performance and possible experiences, while remaining acutely aware of the necessity for things to evolve. We work with what is there and bring new meaning with lucid reinterpretations. Our strategic interventions reactivate contexts and serve multiple purposes at once.

Root is a collaboration between 51N4E and Plant en Houtgoed, connecting knowledge and hands-on experience to design and realise more integrated projects. Root is an experiment in bringing together the expertise of designers, architects, biologists and ecologists towards the reintroduction of functional ecologies in the built environment, from interior to territory. As biodiversity needs time to develop, we organize this integration also through design by maintenance. Our contribution can be about design interventions, hands-on implementation as well as education.