Noka Blok

The project area presents itself as a potentially coherent block situated between Duresit Boulevard and Kavajes Boulevard. The building proposal emphasizes this quality of coherence, combining a strong building image with a series of informal public spaces.

For the project area, the master plan foresees a ‘cut-up version’ of the Parisian block typology. This results in seemingly freestanding objects bordering the streets, cut up by unspecified public space. Our proposal for the Noka Blok aims to update and improve some of the master plan’s basic criteria.

Our first action is to turn the Parisian typology inside-out, so that the internal public space is exteriorized in a series of informal spaces. The typical Parisian courtyard is opened up onto the streets, allowing for differences in experience and interaction. The outcome is a spontaneous organic morphology, an airy landscape with a wider variety of orientations and views.

The basic concept underlying the Noka Blok is to collect strong individual buildings into one continuous block. Each building can host a specific programme. Our proposal is based on a central core building (offices) surrounded by smaller perimeter buildings (housing/offices). The shopping activity will benefit from the five differentiated public areas surrounding the ground floor. These small gardens/plazas can act as exterior extensions of the commercial programme.

  • Location

    Tirana, Albania

  • Client

    NOKA shpk

  • 51N4E team

    Johan Anrys, Freek Persyn, Peter Swinnen, Bob De Wispelaere

  • 51N4E involvement

    conceptual design

  • Programme

    housing, offices, retail, car park

  • Site surface

    6.250 m²

  • Built surface

    24.700 m²

  • Construction costs

    € 22.200.000

  • Image credits