Working on Transformation

51N4E is rooted in Europe, where comfort slows down change. In the face of a democratic and ecological deficit, transformation happens here in a space that is already occupied by multiple and often parallel realities. In this context, we use design to help overcome opposition and create integrated value and new experiences.

A Network Organization

51N4E is a self-steering collective that wants to empower people to be both autonomous and connected. It does so by organizing the supportive processes needed for a collaborative design culture. This collaboration platform combines the internal studios with a growing network of external partners. As such, it mirrors today’s complex reality and produces an ecosystem of knowledge.

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51N4E thinks conflict can drive new and unexpected proposals. In projects, we respond both to the specificity of situations and to patterns and questions that are shared beyond. This process thinking is organized in programmes, where multiple projects regroup to feed each other with everything that is needed to turn ideas into concrete action.


51N4E wants to respond in an agile way to the volatile nature of transformation processes. That is why we organize the diverse offer of our capacities and expertise in studios, clear in their scope and complimentary in their offer. Each develops its own programmes and research lines, but they work together to address the complexity of transformation projects. Currently, 51N4E hosts the studios Cast and Acte, with the third studio Root in a test phase.