C-Mine Atelier

The new building for the activities of Jester, Genk, fits into the framework a broader development of the C-mine site. As one of a selected group of strategic developments, the cluster of buildings for the Art Centre will have a pilot function on several scales to relaunch productive and artistic programmes, as well as to shape a new place where art, history, neighbourhood communities and landscape can find and reinforce each other.

It is in this ambition of engaging in broader and multiple dialogues within and outside the site that the design finds its shape: a compound of built and outdoor space. A sequence of sceneries unfolds: two main buildings, the Kunsthalle and Atelier; two defined outdoor spaces with annexes, a square which acts as an open platform and arrival space, and the secluded atelier garden with residence. The position of this new ‘compound’ plays a key role in the activation of the site: by being interlocked with each other’s, while the sequencing of indoor and outdoor places stresses a constant and swinging relationship between them.

Each of the building’s logic rely on simplicity and sense of ‘familiar’ to encourage their appropriation. It is rather in the overlaps of the different programs that special moments and clashes take place, allowing for unexpected encounters, perhaps confusion or reflection.

These moments and ‘overlaps’ happen both on the scale of the building and site: passers-by meet artists, visitors mingle with internal workers. Both the spaces and infrastructure of the new compound reflect this duality. In this way the project plays on two scales: that of the vast landscape with industrial heritage, and that of the common, village-like. The two meet and clash within the building, a gathering place for both locals and nomads.

  • Location

    Winterslag, Genk, Belgium

  • Client

    City of Genk, JESTER vzw

  • Program

    Ateliers, exhibition space, temporary living and shared facilities

  • Invited competition


  • Design


  • Construction


  • 51N4E project team

    Freek Persyn, Dieter Leyssen, Wim Menten, Ruben Janssens, Arya Arabshahi, Matteo Novarino, Maud Maes

  • In collaboration with

    Point Supreme (Athens, GR), Plant en Houtgoed

  • Engineering

    Tractebel Engineering

  • Building physics/acoustics


  • Environment Consultant

    JRE Consult

  • Safety Coordination


  • Main Contractors

    Gebr. Janssen, Delta Thermic, Electro Wijnants

  • Built surface

    1.800 m²

  • Budget

    € 4.500.00

  • Image credits

    51N4E, Point Supreme

  • Photography credits

    Sepideh Farvardin