Huis van de Media

The House of Media is a part of a large, ambitious project in Brussels, the Mediapark, which until now has functioned almost like an island, is in the process of being reactivated as one of the dynamic and defining places in Brussels. Here, a campus for Media shall emerge, not as an industrial zone for creativity, yet as a district where people live and work, a place where people come to meet and engage in creative activities. Furthermore, it's a place that provides a full-fledged position for the creative industry, visible in development and constantly changing.

In this ambition, this project proposal thinks of the House of Media as a hub and growth platform. This combination of ambitions requires a place that goes beyond the idea of a gathering building: the project should go further than just bringing together separate entities. The challenge lies in seeking a common identity, where differences are not flattened out but instead serve as the basis for synergy and creative exchange.

Such identity is not something that arises overnight, but something that must grow over time. We therefore propose a building conceived as an instrument to gradually realize these ambitions: not a building that is 'finished' from the outset, but instead a building that is open and that can stimulate and promote the development of a sustainable media culture through daily interactions. We believe that the House of Media can become a strong place if it is designed as a productive building firmly situated within the city. A place where creation, interaction, and change are central, and that showcases these qualities through its architecture.

In order to allow a continuous transformation, the building shall provide ample opportunities for users to shape and give it meaning. The proposal provides structure for future appropriation: the multiple forces that such a typology will welcome do not descend into clutter and chaos, but instead form a series of individual interpretations of a structure conceived to give a sense of character and recognition to the communal space. We investigated this by placing the building on three different scales of interaction: with the public and the city, between the organizations themselves, and finally within each organization. Within an intentionally simple architectural design, we believe that this multitude of interactions will yield a productive and urban space.

  • Location

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Client

    Maatschappij stedelijke inrichting Brussel

  • Project


  • 51N4E team

    Freek Persyn, Janik Beckers, Alice Babini, Sotiria Kornaropoulou, Paul Steinbrück, Davide Cauciello