The Breakfast Series - Archive, 2022


The first part of the masterplan design for the Center of Kortrijk, explained by Aya Akbib, Sander Wallays and Dieter Leyssen. How a series of experiments, green play and meeting spots can activate and make the shopping street and the center more attractive.

Benoit Lanon and Maël Duclovel explain the competition design for Brigade Forestière, a project that not only looks for a comfortable workplace for the foresters of the Sonian Forest but also questions material reuse and circularity.

Test planning Campo is the first phase of the competition around the Stefanini Collection. Seppe De Blust and Nemanja Zimonjic explain how 51N4E and TEN along with two other teams defined and refined the brief in this first phase.

From rural allotment to 'community-garden-distric'. Wim Menten presents the won Open Call competition of the Flemish Bouwmeester for the social housing materplan in the Groothuiswijk of Verrebroek, Belgium.

Olivier Cavens will take you through some of the recent feasibility studies 51N4E has conducted on the possible reuse of old office buildings.

From sketch design to final design, to building permit. Mateo Frangi and Gianni Villa guide us through the intense past two years of the WTC IV project.

Benoit Lanon and Ludovica De Gaudenzi present the competition Entre Deux Ponts that they worked on at the end of 2021. The project concerns the Gray street and its junction to the Couronne Avenue with the surrounding buildings and challenges that it represents to transform it into a public space.

Arya Arabshahi presents the project Luxemburg in Transition. A study on the decarbonisation of Luxembourg.

Wim Menten and Sebastien Roy explain the main advantages of building with wood, recounting data and notions gathered by partner wood shapers in their series of lectures for the Wood Academy, as well as by showing some examples of wooden architecture that Cast is currently carrying out.

An update from Programme Transformative Densification: Yann Gueguen and Laura Villeret present and compare two housing projects, where the corner morphology determines the faces and contextual characters of the building itself.

In two moments we looked collectively at the ambitions and planning for the year 2021. Besides for this video documentation of the discussions, you can see more closely the document and add comments on the Year Plan Miro board, by clicking here.

Francesco Garutti and Irene Chin introduce Rural Urban Framework and 51N4E 'The Things Around Us' and show the video artwork commissioned for the exhibition. You can stream the video from CCA channel, by clicking here.

Jeroen Deseyn shows the work of Plant & Houtgoed and its collaboration within studio Root

Janik Beckers and Eva De Bruyn go through the evolution of the ICC project in Ghent

Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou present their Athens based practice Point Supreme

Arya Arabshahi presents the versatile approach in the research study for the decarbonisation of Luxembourg.

Guust Selhorst and Ajmona Hoxha present their work in the framework of iRI in Tirana.

Matteo Frangi brings us to Tirana to describe the on-going project for the Book Building. See the project here.

Freek Persyn talks about Design in Dialogue, an attitude investigated in the second 'Chapter' publication, in collaboration with Endeavour and Denkstatt.

On this session, Harold Vermeiren and Kevin Westerweld explained the vision and process envisioned for the future of the ring road in Antwerp. See the project here.