The Breakfast Series, 2021


In two moments we looked collectively at the ambitions and planning for the year 2021. Besides for this video documentation of the discussions, you can see more closely the document and add comments on the Year Plan Miro board, by clicking here.

Francesco Garutti and Irene Chin introduce Rural Urban Framework and 51N4E 'The Things Around Us' and show the video artwork commissioned for the exhibition. You can stream the video from CCA channel, by clicking here.

Jeroen Deseyn shows the work of Plant & Houtgoed and its collaboration within studio Root

Janik Beckers and Eva De Bruyn go through the evolution of the ICC project in Ghent

Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou present their Athens based practice Point Supreme

Arya Arabshahi presents the versatile approach in the research study for the decarbonisation of Luxembourg.

Guust Selhorst and Ajmona Hoxha present their work in the framework of iRI in Tirana.

Matteo Frangi brings us to Tirana to describe the on-going project for the Book Building. See the project here.

Freek Persyn talks about Design in Dialogue, an attitude investigated in the second 'Chapter' publication, in collaboration with Endeavour and Denkstatt.

On this session, Harold Vermeiren and Kevin Westerweld explained the vision and process envisioned for the future of the ring road in Antwerp. See the project here.