The Breakfast Series, 2023


A presentation on how we will approach the move to the +2 and the use of our new workspace in the first few months, given by Harold Vermeiren.

This Breakfast meeting hosted by the Resources team will delve into our office's knowledge exchange methods, focusing on the structure and workflows of Resources. Janik Beckers and Petar Petricevic will talk about the substantial work that they have been doing these past years on the Collection, the benefits of a switch from a local server to a cloud, and in general how the Resources can be used by us all in the best way possible.

A Breakfast Series about the ecosystem of projects that are fostered by C-mine.
C-mine Masterplan, C-mine Atelier, C-mine Ontwerpkamer, the various iterations of the past years deserve some explanation. Dive with Dieter Leyssen, Ruben Janssen, Maud Maes, Wim Menten and Emma Bourguignon in the captivating world of a now-cultural hub, then-mining site, mixing actual cultural questions with historical ecological ones.

Insights into collective housing: from realisations by 51N4E, explained by Wim Menten to Seppe de Blust's Antwerp collective housing project.

The opening of the former train museum is coming closer and so Astrid, Dieter, Serafina and Sébastien give an update on the renovation works of the past months, our co-users, the new name and other futur plans for our new space.

Together with Johanna, Mickaël, Stefano, Marie and Wim, Jitse explains the complex trajectory and the various subprojects of 'Noord Zuid Limburg', a high-performance public transport corridor in Limburg.

Territories in transition is a red thread among some of the project Acte has been busy with, explained by Arya Arabshahi and Aya Akbib.