North District Next Step?, 2018


Publication team: Roberto Bonaiuti, Kristiaan Borret, Roeland Dudal, Pierre Lemaire, Dieter Leyssen, Freek Persyn, Frederik Serroen, Heleen Verheyden
240 x 315 mm, 20 pages, English. View the full publication here.

What is the next step for the Brussels North District? The district that in the 1960's caused the eviction of 11.000 citizens to erect an international business center that never fulfilled its expectations, faces today increased vacancy and a new phase of redevelopment. Its modernist approach to urban space never really worked and needs to be rethought. Instead of projecting once more a utopian vision on this central part of the city, we must ask collectively: which direction do we take? Which defects should be solved, and which qualities strengthened? What kind of district does Brussels need and for whom? Altogether, the public authorities, the private sector, civic organizations and the Brussels citizens have the capacity to turn the district into an inclusive and attractive part of the city. Ideal connection to mobility networks and an abundance of open space make it into an ideal place for a dense and diverse district. This document serves as preamble, as first notes for a city-wide discussion. It resulted out of a dialogue between three partners,, Lab North and the Bouwmeester MaƮtre Architecte (BMA). The document lists the challenges and potentialities of the district, and questions them through a collection of visuals. Rather than a report, it is an invitation for an ambitious city project to begin.