Chapter 3 How to not demolish a building, 2023


Publisher: Ruby Press
Graphic design: Studio Otamendi, Brussels
ISBN: 978-3-944074-41-2
320 X 240 mm, 152 pages, English

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This publication is structured in five sections, each recounting one aspect that led to the adaptive reuse of the World Trade Center in Brussels. Only by engaging with all of these aspects, rather than singling out just one, has it been possible to approach the symbolic weight of the site. As lessons to learn from, the five sections are stories in their own right, together unpacking the complexity of the project.

These five points also serve other and future projects. That is why this publication is made now, before the building is finished: to use the five sections as a way to look forward. As points mapping and expanding a field of operation, they help navigate the messiness inherent in transformational projects of such scale and scope.

Next to the five sections, a separate booklet is contained in the publication. This booklet collects texts written during the project, each reflecting in their own way on what has happened, and what could still happen.